Building on an Inclusive Legacy

From our history as a college founded to educate women, to the present day as a diverse, co-educational institution, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) has had a history of providing access and opportunity.

The Board of Trustees of UNCG supports building on this legacy as we collectively strive to fulfill the mission of UNCG “to redefine the public research university for the 21st century as an inclusive, collaborative, and responsive institution making a difference in the lives of students and the communities it serves.”

Foremost among UNCG’s values are equity, diversity, and inclusion. We believe these values should guide the university as we engage with each other at all levels, as we work to achieve our vision and strategic goals, and as we work to impact our community, state, and nation.

Valuing equity, diversity and inclusion means providing all who live, learn, and work at the university the opportunity to actively participate in a vibrant, intellectual community that offers a broad range of ideas and perspectives. This approach to educating students will enhance our leadership, the work experience of faculty and staff, and will help prepare our students for success throughout life.

The Board of Trustees applauds the tremendous effort of UNCG to foster a campus environment that embraces these values and commends the university for the recognition we have received for demonstrating an outstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion. We also recognize our work is ongoing and we must lead with intention to bring about positive change. As such, the Board of Trustees is committed to fostering a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive institution.

UNCG Board of Trustees
Adopted March 18, 2021